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Do your dreams ever cross with reality?

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This is a place for you to show your love for Michel Gondry's new film, "The Science Of Sleep." In typical Gondry fashion, there is nothing typical about this movie, so use this space to discuss your dreamlife, obsess over his new movie and explore the exciting online universe that's been created for this new film. Each week, the fine people who run this community will share new film clips, music, and more, but there's nothing better than seeing real Gondry enthusiasts come together. Don't be shy and have some fun!

But you have a left hand

Dearest dear SOS fans and LiveJournalists (and especially combinations thereof),

Michel Gondry’s beautiful movie is now in theaters for your viewing pleasure, so it’s about time to wrap up this discussion. To mark the occasion, I’ve prepared a farewell address:

First of all, it’s been my pleasure to be involved with this community over the past weeks. I’ve had a lot of fun sending you guys screening tickets, giving you tips on how to win cool SOS stuff, and reading your descriptive accounts of your own dreamlives. (It’s also surprisingly comforting to know that there are people with stranger dreams than mine. :-)

Nextly, I saw the movie last week and I was totally blown away. I think this film sets a new standard for visual creativity and storytelling. Michel Gondry is a freakin’ genius or my username isn’t SamOutlaw.

In conclusion, I’d like to thank all of you for participating and taking such pro-active roles. Your contributions to this page have been invaluable and often quite interesting. And before you get too brokenhearted about losing the chance to LiveJournal about this movie, be encouraged by the fact that there are other Gondry and SOS focused pages out there for you to discover. In fact, here's a few:




Thank you!

Oct. 9th, 2006

i was wondering if anyone knew the exact wording of the part of the movie when stephanie says to stephane, when he's passed out in bed, something like "it will happen the way you want if something something something." haha. i've seen the movie twice [it's phenomenal!] but i still cannot remember exactly what she says.


I know it just came out, but does anyone know when Science of Sleep will be released on DVD?


I think that its about time someone created a movie with such intent that this truely is what our minds do when in love with someone.
Even so, I mean my mind is constantly day dreaming. If I didn't have it, I would be lost. Dreaming and day dreaming as seen in the trailer of "Science of Sleep", when brought into the real world is a great facination. What I mean by this is, most of us do this, some ppl in the non dreaming world would think "we" are nuts, but truely we are creative, and imaginative.
I truely wouldn't have it any other way.


Can anyone help me with the quotes from the scene in the stairwell where Stéphane says something along the lines of [mangled quote behind the cut - in case of spoilers]Collapse )

My very own Golden the pony boy.

I sure do hope they make Golden the pony boy stuffed animals! Or maybe even one that gallops. I would totaly buy one.

The horrible review in the newspaper.

The newspaper here printed this review:

kind of longCollapse )

Oct. 7th, 2006

I'm just letting people know that I've started up a new science of sleep community since this one is going to be closed shortly. It is called [info]science_o_sleep, and I'm hoping that it will soon find some members. I'm in the process of trying to get a custom layout made, so it doesn't really look like much now, but I promise it will in due time. Hope to see you there!

New Gael García Bernal fan

I was looking at posts about "Science of Sleep" over at the gaelgarciadaily fan community, and I realized that I do know who Gael García Bernal is! I liked him in "Y Tu Mamá También", but he was just incredibly sexy in La Mala Educación. He reminds me of Johnny Depp. Yeah.

Take a look at the last picture posted here. Mmmmmmmmm-hmmmmmm. That is one fine looking man.

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The most useful movie review ever

I read a review of the movie this afternoon that said, in essence, "Don't try to understand it. Just let it wash over you." I rarely find practical advice in movie reviews, but that one was a clear exception.